Key Points About Obtaining a Visa for Bhutan

Visa Application Process: Acquiring a visa for Bhutan is a straightforward procedure. It typically takes only a minute to complete, after which you are ready to enter the kingdom.

Visa Requirement: All visitors to Bhutan, with the exception of Indian nationals, must obtain a visa. Indian visitors, however, are required to obtain a permit.

Visa on Arrival: Nationals of Bangladesh and Maldives have the option to obtain a visa upon arrival at the port of entry.

Unique Visa System: Bhutan's visa system differs from that of other countries. Rather than a standard fee per night, visitors must purchase a visa for each night they plan to spend in Bhutan.

Government Strategy: Bhutan's relatively high visa fee is designed to promote "High Quality, Low Volume Tourism." As a result, many visitors do not stay in the country for extended periods.

Sustainable Development Levy

The Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) facilitates investments in transformative initiatives aimed at preserving Bhutan's cultural heritage, conserving our natural environment, enhancing infrastructure, fostering youth opportunities, and bolstering resilience. Payment of the SDF is obligatory during the visa or permit application process and must be made in USD, although Indian nationals have the option to pay in INR.

Sustainable Development Levy
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