Paro Sightseeing

Paro- Bhutan is a scenic town located in the western part of Bhutan and is known for its stunning landscapes, historic sites, and cultural attractions. Here are some of the top sightseeing attractions in Paro:

  1. Paro Taktsang (Tiger's Nest): This iconic Buddhist monastery is perched on a cliff 900 meters above the Paro Valley and is a must-visit attraction in Paro. Visitors can hike to the monastery and enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

  2. Paro Dzong (Rinpung Dzong): This impressive fortress-monastery is a prime example of Bhutanese architecture and serves as the administrative headquarters of Paro district.

  3. National Museum of Bhutan: This museum is housed in an ancient watchtower and showcases a collection of Bhutanese art, artifacts, and religious objects.

  4. Kyichu Lhakhang: This ancient temple is one of the oldest and most sacred shrines in Bhutan and is believed to have been built in the 7th century.

  5. Drukgyel Dzong: This historic fortress was built in the 17th century to commemorate Bhutan's victory over Tibetan invaders and offers stunning views of the surrounding valley.

  6. Chele La Pass: This mountain pass offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas and is a popular spot for hiking, photography, and picnics.

  7. Jangtsa Dumtseg Lhakhang: This unique temple is known for its unusual architecture, which features a square-shaped tower with a circular top.

Overall, Paro is a fascinating destination for visitors to Bhutan, with a range of historic sites, cultural attractions, and natural wonders to explore.


Major attractions of Paro are:

Chela La pass is at altitude (3,988m) which lies between Paro and Haa and it’s the second highest peak, Mt Jhomolhari (7314m).and in winters its beautifully covered with snow.
Kyichu Lhakhang
It is also known as Kyerchu Buddhist Temple,Kyichu Lhakhang is a pilgrimage place as it is part of 108 temples which was built by the king ,it’s very old and very beautiful and most visited monastery in Paro.
Rinpung Dzong
Rinpung Dzong is also known as Paro Dzong and it was Built in 1644 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal , it is one of the best architecture.Rinpung Dzong has traditional Bhutnese architecture and it is the best tourist attraction point in Paro.
Ta Dzong
Ta Dzong, once upon a time was a watchtower, built to protect Rinpung Dzong in war times ,it was built in 1649 ,In the year 1968 it was inaugurated as Bhutan’s National Museum
Simtokha Dzong
This Dzong, was built in the year 1629 also known as Sangak Zabdhon Phodrang by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, Simtokha Dzong was build in the 17th century and it is one of the oldest Dzong built .An very important and oldest structure..
Sangay Wood Turning Factory
Sangay Wood Turning Factory is where you can watch the demonstration of Shagzo. Just 3km from Paro town, on the way to the National Museum of Bhutan.In shagzo techniques, they use the age-old methods to create elegant and functional products like wooden bowls (dapa), cups (dzaphob) and plates with beautiful patterns, unique colours & shapes, while still keeping the ‘soul’ of the wood in it.
Dobji Dzong
Dobji Dzong is considered to be the first model Dzong in Bhutan. This marvelous architectural site is a must visiting place by tourists.
Tashi Gongphel Handmade Paper Factory
In every monastery, there is a unique kind of paper used for woodblock and manuscript books, and for writing prayers and mantras. The special paper is called Dehsho and is handmade with traditional methods. At the Tashi Gongphel handmade paper factory, you can observe the fascinating process of Dehsho paper making. The factory is located at Dopshari, 3km from Paro town, and on the way to the National Museum of Paro and ParoRinpungDzong.
Drugyel Dzong
Drukgyal Dzong was a Buddhist monastery. It is also translates as the ‘Victorious Fortress’. This is the place where several victories over marauding Tibetan invaders. It is considered the most beautiful and famous archaeological site in Bhutan.
The National Museum of Bhutan
An ancient watchtower that now displays hundreds of ancient Bhutanese artifacts and artwork including traditional costumes, armor, weaponry, and handcrafted implements for daily life. The collections represent the rich cultural traditions of the country.
Paro Airport View
This is one of the most stunning airports in the World and also the country’s first and only international airport. With a breathtaking view, this airport became a must-visit place in Paro.
Taktsang Monastery
Bhutan’s most iconic landmark and religious site. Taktsang monastery is also known as “The Tiger’s Nest Monastery”. This temple clings impossibly to a sheer cliff face 900 meters above the Paro Valley.Taktsang Lhakhang is located approximately 10 km north of Paro town at an altitude of 3.120 m. To reach the temple visitors must trek for around 2-3 hours through beautiful, shady pine forests. No trip to Bhutan would be complete without a visit to this stunning heritage site.
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