Trashigang Sightseeing

Trashigang, "The Jewel of the East", is the country’s largest district, with an altitude ranging from 600 m to over 4000 m. Bhutan's largest river, Dangme Chhu, flows through this district. Trashigang is home to the Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary, one of ten protected areas of Bhutan.

The tourists can witness the beauty of - Trashingang Dzong - The Fortess of The Auspicious Hills, Trashigang Tshechu - 3 days annual festival, Radhi Village - 'The Rice-Bowl of the East'.


Major attractions of Trashigang are:

Radhi Village - The Rice-Bowl of the East
Radhi village is famous for two things, its rice fields and the excellent skill of its weavers to produce most authentic high quality raw silk textiles. It is often known as the ‘Rice Bowl of the East’ because of its verdant rice fields that supply most of the grain to eastern parts of the country. This is also a must visiting place of Trashigang.
3 days annual festival is held in Trashigang Dzong during the 7th to 11th days of the tenth month of the Bhutanese calendar (December). The Tshechu is attended by the Brokpas, a semi-nomadic people that reside in the valleys of Merak and Sakteng, can be your destination to experience ancient rituals of Bhutan.
Trashingang Dzong
The Fortess of The Auspicious Hills is accessible only from the north, via a narrow road, paved by blasting through the cliff-side, with a great scenic beauty.
Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary
The Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary, one of ten protected areas of Bhutan,was created in part to protect the migoi, a type of yeti, whose existence has been believed by most Bhutanese. The sanctuary covers the eastern third of the district and is connected via biological corridor to Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary. This Wildlife sanctuary is a suitable place for all the nature lovers.
Merak Valley
The Merak Valley, also called the 'land of broken people' is a tranquil place and is one of the top places to visit in Trashigang. Situated in almost 3000m above sea level resided by nomadic people. Surrounded with beautifully enthralling plains at a height, the Merak Valley is full of beautiful vegetation.
Chorten Kora
Situated just right to the Kulong river in Trashiyangtse Chorten Kora is an eminent stupa in Bhutan. It was built in the late 18th century by the descendant of Shabdrung Ngawang - a prominent historical figure in Bhutan.
Trashigang Dzong
Trashigang Dzong Or The Fortress of the Auspicious Hill was worked in 1659 to guard against Tibetan attacks. Quite possibly of the biggest old fortification in Bhutan with a single entry on south front. It keeps on lodging a flourishing devout local area, as well as the focal organization for Bhutan's Trashigang District.
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