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Unlock the wonders of the Land of Thunder Dragons with Gemini Tours & Travels and its exceptional taxi services in Bhutan. We are your trusted travel companion, committed to providing you with seamless and comfortable transportation throughout the enchanting landscapes of the Himalayan kingdom.

We have a modern, well-maintained, fleet of taxis from compact cars for solo travelers to spacious vehicles for groups that are designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for every passenger. So sit back, relax, and let us take you where you need to go with complete confidence.

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Discover the enchanting beauty of Bhutan with ease and luxury through Gemini Tours & Travels Taxi Services. Reserve your ride now and get ready to experience an unforgettable adventure!

Here's why you should choose taxi services in Bhutan

Reliability : We guarantee punctuality and reliability, so you can arrive at your destination on time, every time.

Affordability : At Gemini Tours & Travels, we offer competitive pricing with complete transparency, leaving no room for hidden costs.

Safety First : Your safety is paramount to us. We take pride in our well-maintained fleet and experienced drivers who strictly follow the highest safety standards to provide seamless taxi services.

Professional Drivers : Gemini Tours & Travels has a team of highly skilled and experienced drivers who not only excel behind the wheel but also serve as expert guides. They are the backbone of our taxi service and the main reason behind our unparalleled success as the best taxi services in Bhutan.

Taxi Services Offered By Us

Airport Transfers : Book our airport transfer for a smooth start to your Bhutanese adventure.

City Tours : Discover Bhutan's cities with our tailored city tours. Experience iconic landmarks, monasteries, and the unique Bhutanese way of life.

Inter-City Travel : Gemini Bhutan offers comfortable and efficient inter-city travel for a seamless experience of Bhutan's diverse landscapes.

Customized Packages : Contact us to create a customizable package for taxi services in Bhutan that suits your unique needs and interests.

What Makes Bhutan An Interesting Destination To Visit

Choose the best taxi services for a comfortable journey with the finest experiences.

Unique Cultural Tapestry : BBhutan has a rich cultural heritage with unique traditions, colorful festivals, and stunning architectural marvels like dzongs and monasteries.

Breathtaking Landscapes : Bhutan, nestled in the Himalayas, offers breathtaking landscapes with lush valleys, snow-capped peaks, and pristine rivers.

Gross National Happiness : Bhutan's approach to measuring prosperity is through Gross National Happiness (GNH), which considers factors like mental health, environmental conservation, and cultural preservation.

Warm Hospitality : Bhutanese people are warm and welcoming towards visitors, showing genuine hospitality in markets, guesthouses, and community events.

Peaceful Atmosphere : Bhutan is a serene haven with sustainable tourism and limited visitors, ideal for unwinding and connecting with nature.

Unique Festivals : Bhutan holds lively festivals like Paro Tsechu and Thimphu Tshechu, featuring traditional dances, mask performances, and religious rituals.

Adventure Opportunities : Bhutan offers fantastic trekking trails like the Tiger's Nest Trek, perfect for adventure enthusiasts. The country is also a great destination for birdwatchers and off-the-beaten-path exploration.

Culinary Delights : Bhutanese cuisine is a delightful journey for the taste buds. From Ema Datshi to momos, visitors can savor unique flavors that reflect the country's cultural diversity.

One Way Taxi Service Price List

The mentioned rates for taxi services in Bhutan is an approximate value, where the price will depend upon the seasonal basis. You must also note that the taxi rate excludes any parking or toll tax rates.

Tour Plan4 Seater6 Seater8 Seater19 Seater Coaster Bus
Siliguri to ThimphuINR 11000INR 13000INR 13000NA
Siliguri to JaigaonINR 4500INR 6000INR 6000INR 7500
Siliguri to PhuentsholingINR 5000INR 5900INR 5900INR 7500
Siliguri to ParoINR 17000INR 18500INR 18500NA
Jaigaon to Thimphu INR 10000INR 12000INR 12000INR 8000
Jaigaon to ParoINR 10000INR 12000INR 12000INR 8000
Local Sightseeing in Thimphu INR 4000INR 4500INR 5500INR 7500

Cancellation Policies for Taxi Services

  • Minimum Cancellation is Rs. 2000 per Head
  • 25% Between 30-20 Days Before Tour Departure
  • 50% Between 20-10 Days Before Tour Departure
  • 75% Between 10-05 Days Before Tour Departure
  • 100% on the Same Day & No show

To avail of the best taxi services in Bhutan from Gemini Tours and Travels and to hire a taxi from the exclusive collection, you can contact us by calling +91 81162 36978 / +91 92337 80026. For further travel assistance, you can fill out the tour enquiry form from our official website.

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