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‘Happiness is a Space’, and the space is Bhutan! Nestled amidst the dignified high mountains, Bhutan is the happiest country in Asia. The Land of Thunder Dragon and Happiness is a small but Worldwide famous country for its stunning natural beauty and praiseworthy monarchical administration& cultures. Apart from consisting the only carbon-negative economy, Bhutan is the only country with GNP(Gross National Happiness)! Bhutan is famously known for its excellence in organic farming, zero carbon emission, maintenance of 60% forest coverage, and amazing hospitality.

Along with its unique culture & traditions, Bhutan consists of several unique features. Such as, Bhutan has no traffic lights and the World’s highest unclimbed peak, GangkarPuensum(7570m.) is situated in this country, with the motto of ‘High Value, Low Volume’, the Bhutan TourismDepartment is focused on managing visitors number so that all visitors get their own space to find happiness. With these diverse interesting features, Bhutan is uprising its position in the list of ‘most worth visiting countries in the World’. As the national tourism logo suggests, ‘Happiness is a place,’Bhutan is the perfect country to permeate your soul with endless serenity! Explore the diversified beauty of ethnicity, history, massive mountains, mighty rivers, dense forests, versatile flora & fauna amidst Bhutan, with the companionship of Gemini Tours & Travels.

Best time to visit Bhutan

Bhutan has four distinct seasons and each season has its own charming attire. Bhutan is a year-round destination. So, it is entirely up to you to decide your travel period.

  • Spring (March, April & May) : This is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of flowers like rhododendron, wild azaleas, and edelweiss, which cover the meadows like carpet and add a new sense of wonder to Bhutan's landscape.
  • Summer (June, July & August) : It is an abundant time of the year as flowers are in full bloom and valleys are covered in green, weeping willows sweep the banks of many of the rivers.
  • Autumn (September, October & November) : This is the time when the entire landscape turns into golden color. The view of farmers harvesting their crops in the golden-colored paddy fields under the crisp blue skies adds a new color to Bhutan's landscape.
  • Winter (December, January & February) : The winter season in Bhutan gives one a clear view of the world's highest Himalayan mountain ranges covered in snow. You may have experience snowfall in the uplands of Bhutan.
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