Punakha Sightseeing

Punakha is a district in western Bhutan that is known for its stunning natural scenery, historic sites, and cultural attractions. Here are some of the top sightseeing attractions in Punakha:

  1. Punakha Dzong: This impressive fortress-monastery is considered one of the most beautiful dzongs in Bhutan and is a must-visit attraction for any visitor to Punakha.

  2. Chimi Lhakhang: This temple is dedicated to the Divine Madman, a popular figure in Bhutanese folklore. It is a popular pilgrimage site and is believed to have the power to grant fertility to couples who visit.

  3. Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten: This stunning chorten is situated atop a hill overlooking the Punakha valley and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

  4. Punakha Suspension Bridge: This historic bridge spans the Mo Chhu River and is one of the longest suspension bridges in Bhutan. It offers a thrilling experience for visitors who cross it.

  5. Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup Lhakhang Nunnery: This beautiful nunnery is located on a hilltop overlooking the Punakha valley and offers a peaceful retreat for visitors.

  6. Jigme Dorji National Park: This vast park is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including tigers, snow leopards, and Himalayan black bears. It offers opportunities for hiking, camping, and wildlife watching.

Overall, Punakha is a destination that offers a blend of cultural, historic, and natural attractions, making it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Bhutan.


Major attractions of Punakha are:

Phobjikha Valley
Phobjikha Valley which is located at altitude of 3000 meters above the sea level here you will get rare endangered Black Necked Cranes. Autumn and winter is the best time to visit this place
Dochula Pass
It is located between Thimphu and Punkaha which is around 3100 m high, here you can see scenic view of the Eastern Himalayan . In Dochula Pass 108 stupas are build and in winters it is fully covered with snow which makes it very beautiful place.
Punakha Suspension Bridge
One of the oldest suspension bridges in the world, Punakha Suspension Bridge in Bhutan was believed to be built by the Buddhist Monk, Thangtong Gyalpo.This ancient hanging bridge is draped with prayer flags all along and provides a perfect spot for bird watching and nature photography.This historical bridge is worldwide known for its picturesque appearance.
Mystic River Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu
There are two rivers named Pho Chu (male) and Mo Chu (female) in Punakha, Mo Chu is widely preferred for the first-timers, kids and elderly people. Mo Chu River is considered to be calmer, gentle with few currents and rapids becoming the most used one to raft on compared to Pho Chu as it is said to be violent where only professionals and experienced rafters are allowed. Both of these rivers present a zestful ambiance with mesmerizing view.
Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten
Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten is situated on the ridge above the Punakha valley, provides a beautiful panoramic view of the valley. The unique structures and vast collection of Yub-Yum figurine, along with its picturesque landscape, made this place one of the major tourists attractions.
Talo Monastry
Formally known as Talo Sangngak Choling, is located on the west side of Punakha valley, directly north of the Nalanda Buddhist Institute. Talo Monastery is a major tourist attraction in Bhutan that is built on a small plateau. It presents visitors with a panoramic view of the entire Punakha Valley.
Punakha Dzong
It is the most beautiful Dzong located at in two rivers named Pho Chu (male) and Mo Chu (female) in Punakha, Mo Chu is widely preferred for the first-timers, kids and elderly people. Upon visiting the Punakha Dzong, visitors will not only be mesmerised by the Bhutanese architectural marvel but will get an opportunity to explore the sacred history of this ancient place.
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