Dagana Sightseeing

Dagana is a perfect choice for the tourists with a keen interest in culture & ethnicity. The region is 80% covered with lush green forests. The most interesting features of Dagana are:


Major attractions of Dagana are:

Shathong Lhakhangwas
Shathong Lhakhangwas founded by Dupthob Shawa Ripa who was an ancient Buddhist Master said to have lived for over 900 years.
Daga Dzong
Daga Dzong is the headquarters for district administration.
The Three Stone Megaliths
One of the most interesting features of Dagana are the three stone Megaliths, known as “Sky Pillar Rock” (Do Namkhai Kaw), “The Rock of Ancient Steps” (Do Kelpai Genthey) and “The Frontier Sky Fortress” (Tha Namkhai Dzong). These ancient rock architectures is a must visiting place for all the visitors of Dagana.
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