Top 7 Travel Tips To Consider Before Your Bhutan Tour

Top 7 Travel Tips To Consider Before Your Bhutan Tour


Bhutan is a Himalayan kingdom which is surrounded by fresh mountain air, a serene atmosphere, zero traffic, clean roads, diverse culture, and clean roads. Your journey towards the Land of Happiness will surely be filled with breathtaking views of the snow-capped ranges and dense forests with vibrant flowers. 

Before booking a tour package from the best Bhutan tour operator, you must know the traditions, rules, and way of living of the country so that you don’t experience any issues during the trip. This will also help you in making the vacation more comfortable and safe as you have all the required preparations. 

Here are some of the travel tips that you can consider before starting your Bhutan trip. 

1. Collect the Entry Permits

While travelling to Bhutan, you must not forget to take the entry permit from the immigration office at Phuentsholing. It is recommended to visit this office in the early hours otherwise it may take a long time to get the permit amidst the long queue. You must also know the fact that this entry permit only enables you to explore Paro and Thimphu. 

2. You Must Avoid Certain Behaviours 

Certain behaviours in Bhutan are prohibited for tourists. One such behaviour that you must avoid is playing loud music in public spaces. You also shouldn’t carry tobacco with you in Bhutan and don’t wear revealing clothes while visiting religious sites. 

3. Take Medications for Altitude Sickness 

Bhutan is situated in the Himalayan mountain range and this is why most of the sightseeing locations are located in high altitude. The constant variations in the altitude can lead to altitude sickness in some tourists especially, for those who live in the plains. You must always carry altitude sickness medications while travelling to Bhutan. 

4. Bhutanese Cuisine Can Be Spicy

If you have high spice tolerance then you will love the local cuisines in Bhutan. Most of the common staples of the country are made with a lot of chillies, rice, and homemade cheese. This is why you must be aware before ordering some food here. You can also ask for any food recommendations from your travel agency in Bhutan. 

5. Follow the Dress Code before Entering a Dzong 

Dzongs are the religious fortresses of Bhutan, where the local people visit by wearing their traditional attire. You must also wear clothing covering your legs and arms while visiting these religious sites. Wearing jeans, short skirts, sleeveless, and t-shirts cannot be worn inside the Dzongs.

6. Explore the Offbeat Destinations

Most people limit their Bhutan journey to Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha but if you to experience the true beauty of the country then you can consider exploring Eastern Bhutan. Some of the offbeat locations here that you can add to your itinerary are Mongar, Trashigang, and Lheunste.  

7. Poor Internet Connections 

The Internet connectivity is spotty in Bhutan, which can help you enjoy the peaceful ambience and beauty of the country without any distractions. However, if you have some urgent work then you can buy a local SIM to connect to the Wi-Fi networks in your hotel. 

You must also remember the fact that independent tours in Bhutan are only limited to Paro and Bhutan. It is important to seek the assistance of the best Bhutan tour operator in case you want to discover the hidden gems and offbeat locations of the country. 

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