Discover The Untamed Beauty Of Bhutan

Discover The Untamed Beauty Of Bhutan


Bhutan is a Himalayan Kingdom, which is famous for its dramatic landscapes, historical monasteries, fortresses, archaeological treasures and views of well-known mountain ranges. This country sees a year-round destination, where the Buddhist sites attract the tourists in exploring the diverse traditions and cultures.

The diversity and rich heritage of Bhutan attracts the tourists, who are interested in nature, and cultural tourism. However, the exclusivity, romantic sceneries, and a serene atmosphere also make Bhutan a great place for honeymoons. You can contact tour operators in Bhutan for exploring the best Bhutan honeymoon tours package that will help in discovering the undomesticated beauty of the country.

Let us discover some of the unique places that can be included in your honeymoon itinerary for making it the most romantic vacation.



Bumthang is considered as the best destination for honeymoon in Bhutan. If you and your partner both are a mountain lover then the enchanting valleys, peaceful monasteries, and lush greenery will definitely leave you amazed.

If you visit this place then you must also explore its local festivals and trekking spots. The tiredness of the wedding rituals can be comfortably vanished by indulging into the peaceful experience of this untamed beauty of Bhutan.


Paro is another suitable place for a romantic getaway since you can avail some of the best luxury hotels here with mesmerizing natural beauty and sightseeing. The cute and wooden traditional cafes in Paro serve you the most delicious local cuisine that is also perfect for spending some quality time with your partner.

The couples who are nature enthusiast and have a keen interest in trekking then they must indulge into the hike to Tiger’s nest, which also radiates picturesque views.

Haa Valley

Haa Valley

If you and your partner are looking for a peaceful destination for your honeymoon, then you must visit Haa Valley because it is the least populated place in the entire Bhutan. The alpine forests, local culture and beautiful mountain ranges will give you a calming and serene trail.

If you want to explore the untamed beauty of Haa valley, then you must visit the historic gompas, temples and stunning rhododendrons forests. These places will surely provide you a lot of chances to have great and memorable pictures together.


If you are choosing Bhutan as your honeymoon gateway, then you must include Punakha in it. The Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten and Po Chhu River are some of the tourist destinations that must be visited in Punakha.

As a part of your trip, you and your partner must also visit the Chimi Lhakhang, which is also known as the temple of fertility. So if you’re deciding to start a family then taking blessings from this temple can be extremely helpful.

There are a number of untamed places in Bhutan that gives you a chance to explore its mesmerizing beauty. So if you’re getting married soon then start planning your honeymoon in Bhutan by selecting Bhutan honeymoon tours package from the best tour operators.

The best tour packages will help you in having a comfortable journey without any tension regarding accommodation or transportation. You can just indulge into a remarkable and serene romantic experience with your partner that will be added into your post-wedding memories forever.

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