Discover The Enchanting Beauty of Bhutan on a Local Tour

Discover The Enchanting Beauty of Bhutan on a Local Tour


Bhutan is one of the most isolated Himalayan kingdoms that have been able to preserve its natural habitat and environment making it one of the most unique countries. The country is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to which in recent times there has been the emergence of numerous Bhutan local tour operators. These tour operators offer affordable and guided tours for the tourists which contribute to the total revenue of the country.

The land of Bhutan is known for its scenic natural beauty, ancient Dzongs and legendary tales that attract people from all over the world. Being separated from the rest of the world, the country follows unique sets of philosophies that have been able to make it stand out from the other neighbouring nations. In this blog, we will discuss about the enchanting beauty and amazing facts about Bhutan.

Overview of Bhutan

Bhutan is a mystical Himalayan kingdom that has kept it isolated from the rest of the world for centuries due to which it has able to retain its authenticity that cannot be found in any other nation. With an abundance of natural beauty, lush green hills and diverse wildlife, the land of Bhutan has become one of the most favoured tourist destinations in the world. Bhutan is the only country in the world that calculates its growth on the basis of the happiness index rather than GDP. Thimphu is the capital city of the country and does not have any traffic lights instead they use traffic man to control the vehicles on the streets. With a backdrop of fluttering religious flags, a serene atmosphere of chanting monks and a peaceful environment, Bhutan is a country that needs to be visited once in a lifetime.

Popular Places

Bhutan being one of the beautiful countries of Southeast Asia is home to some of the most fascinating valleys and cities that showcase the enchanting beauty of the country. While most of them can be easily travelled on their own some of the places are located in remote valleys and need help from the local travel agency of Bhutan. In the following, we will be discussing some of the most popular places in Bhutan that are a must-visit.

Paro Taktsang

Placed on top of the Paro valley at an elevation of 900m, Paro Taktsang is an iconic monastery that is considered to be the spiritual centre for the Buddhist people. Surrounded by Rocky Mountains and panoramic view of the valley the monastery is the largest of its kind that can be reached by 3 hours of inclined trekking.

Punakha Dzong

Placed on the junction point of the Mo and Pho Chu Rivers, Punakha Dzong is an architectural masterpiece that showcases its beauty with its majestic fortress. Situated on the bank of a river, the Dzong is home to more than 600 monks and includes ancient alls that once used to serve as a courtyard for the king of Bhutan.


Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan and the largest city in the country. Thimphu is widely known for its vibrant culture, modern developments and iconic landmarks that offer a perfect blend of ancient culture and modern infrastructure. Buddha Dordenma, Tashichho Dzong, Folk Heritage Museum and Simtokha Dzong are some of the popular attractions of the city that showcase the architectural marvel of old Bhutan.

Wangchuck Centennial National Park

The largest national park of Bhutan, Wangchuck Centennial National Park is situated in the northern hills located at a distance of 22km from the Bumthang valley. Spread across 4,914 sq km of land, the national park is home to numerous species of Himalayan birds and animals making it a must-visit place for nature lovers and bird watchers. Apart from this the place also offers various activities such as hiking, trekking, kayaking and many more.


One of the most populated cities of the country, Phuentsholing is located on the Indo-Bhutan border which shows glimpses of the rich culture and traditions of Bhutan. The city does not charge an SDF fee for the first day which has gained huge popularity among tourists due to ease of access.

Apart from these places, Bhutan is also popular for its unique cuisines, exciting activities and rich history. More than 60% of its land is covered in forest gives it identical landscapes and has helped to become the first carbon-free country in the world. The country is also known for its rich culture and art that can be witnessed during the festivals. This is the time when people gather to celebrate religious events and national festivals with great happiness and energy. Whether you are a nature lover or seek interest towards spirituality, the land of Bhutan is sure to amaze you with its uniqueness and untouched natural beauty.

Bhutan with a diverse topography and altitudes offers numerous sightseeing destinations and activities that attract tourists. However, contacting Bhutan's local tour operators can help you explore the country hassle-free and with proper guidance they can elevate the quality of your tour.

Although Bhutan is highly known for its serene environment and splendid natural beauty, there are a few ethics and etiquettes that need to be understood before visiting the country. Hiring a tour operator is the best way to travel to Bhutan as they will help you with guided tours and fulfil your needs throughout your journey making your trip to Bhutan a memorable one.

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