A Spiritual Journey to Bhutan- The Land Of Peace and Happiness

A Spiritual Journey to Bhutan- The Land Of Peace and Happiness


Bhutan is deeply interwoven in its spiritual practices and most of the people practice Buddhism. The spiritual heritages of Bhutan make the place very special and unique in terms of practicing spiritual beliefs thus making it a huge tourist attraction. King Songten a Tibetan king was the first to introduce Buddhism in Bhutan during the 7th century. This tiny yet mesmerizing place is surrounded by a rich and diverse religious and cultural heritage.

The spiritual side of Bhutan can be witnessed with its beautiful temples. There are a number of the best Bhutan tour operators that can book you a comfortable trip to Bhutan so that you can dive into a spiritual journey along with witnessing the breathtaking beauty of Bhutan. Some of the must-see spiritual architectural wonders that you can visit during your trip to the place are-

Jokhang Temple

It is a very famous temple of Bhutan which has a vast history of over 1300 years. This temple is intricately decorated with simple yet attractive decorations hence attracting tourists from all over the world. The statue of Jowo Shakyamuni Buddha leaves the tourists completely awe-struck.

Taktsang Temple

This temple is also known as Tiger’s Nest which is built in such a manner that it can hang on the cliff making it a fascinating sight for visitors. Though the trek seems to be quite challenging but the thought of going through a spiritual adventure will make you visit the temple.

Kurjey Lhakhang Monastery

During your spiritual visit to Bhutan make sure to visit Bumthang which is a picturesque valley.  In this place Kurjey Lhakhang monastery is situated, this place is considered to be very sacred as it marks a very significant role in the spiritual journey of Guru Rinpoche.

Punakha Dzong

It is a very renowned temple in Bhutan. You can visit this temple by booking a trip from a list of travel agents in Bhutan to witness the idols that have stayed intact against any kind of damages for more than 600 years. Also, the Mochu River which is located near the temple makes it even more attractive.

Traditions of the Bhutanese Buddhist people

A diverse variety of traditions are practiced by the Bhutanese Buddhist people. Some of the important traditions are-

Tshechus- A wide variety of religious festivals are practiced annually all over Bhutan known as Tshechus. These festivals are mostly very vibrant attracting different tourists. In these festivals, lively music are being played along with masked dances to celebrate the Guru Rinpoche’s teachings.

Prayer wheels- These wheels are filled with different mantras, prayers as well as sacred texts. People visiting the place often spin the wheel clockwise believing that it will help them to get rid of any kind of negative karma revolving around them.

Chortens- These structures are thoroughly spread all over Bhutan which is used as a place of pilgrimage housing some important sacred relics.

All the spiritual heritages of Bhutan stand as a testament showing the power of Buddha and his preaching. You can also book your trip during your vacation with one of the best Bhutan tour operators and witness the rich traditions that have shaped each corner of the place beautifully. You can get several opportunities to explore a spiritual adventure if you decide to visit the place once.

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