5 Travel Rules To Follow During Your Bhutan Trip

5 Travel Rules To Follow During Your Bhutan Trip


Bhutan is a landlocked country nestled amidst the elevated peaks of the Himalayan ranges. This is an extremely unique country with exceptional rules and regulations. The rule of measuring the gross national happiness to determine the progress is an exclusive rule to see in the country. 

To experience a blissful holiday with your loved ones in the Land of Happiness, you can contact a reputed Jaigaon tour operator who can offer you the best tour packages. The tour operators will also share with you all the travel requirements that must be followed during the Bhutan vacation. 

Let’s discover the important travel rules that you must follow to make your Bhutan trip smooth. 

1. Passport and Visa Requirements 

One of the biggest advantages that Indian nationals possess while planning a Bhutan trip is that you don’t require a visa and passport. However, it is essential to carry a valid government-recognized travel document with you to avail of the entry permit from the immigration office. 

This permit enables you to explore the major landmarks of Thimphu, Phuentsholing, and Paro. Herein, the validity of the permit is for 7 days and if you want to stay longer in Bhutan then you have to reapply for the extension of the permit. 

2. Photography Rules 

Bhutan is considered a paradise for photographers, where every corner of the country is blessed with scenic views. The lush green valleys, dense forests, colourful wildflower blooms, diverse avifauna species, and beautifully architected monasteries are worth capturing through your lens. 

It is essential to know about the photography rules of Bhutan before clicking pictures. There are certain religious sites in Bhutan which restrict photography and in all those places, you must seek permission first to respect the local regulations and customs.

3. SIM Card 

Using Indian SIM during your Bhutan trip can offer you spotty network and internet connections. This is why you can opt for any local SIM cards such as TashiCell or Bhutan Telecom to stay connected with your family members. 

While booking Bhutan tour packages from Jaigaon, you can also ask your tour operator to help you get a local SIM. For the registration process, you must not forget to carry a passport-sized photograph and a copy of a travel document. 

4. Permit Extensions Rule 

The normal permit duration in Bhutan is 7 days but if your travel plans exceed this duration then it is essential to follow the rules for applying for permit extensions. To apply for the extension, you have to visit the Thimphu immigration office with the required documents. 

The documents that need to be carried include a photocopy of the itinerary, voter’s ID, filled form for route permit, and entry stamp photography. To avoid any complications, it is always a better option to apply for the extension in advance. 

5. Currency Exchange 

The official currency of Bhutan is Ngultrum (BTN) but in most places, the Indian currency is also accepted. However, it is still advised to carry local currency during your trip since Indian currency and card payments may not be accepted in some of the remote locations. 

During your Bhutan trip, you must always ask your Jaigaon tour operator about the latest travel needs and trends to make your journey more captivating and seamless. Additionally, you must also remember to apply for the inner line permits if you want to discover the offbeat locations of Bhutan. 

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