5 Amazing Sightseeing Places To Visit In Jaigaon

5 Amazing Sightseeing Places To Visit In Jaigaon


Jaigaon is a small border town in the Alipurduar district of West Bengal which separates India from Bhutan. Phuentsholing is the nearest town of Bhutan from Jaigaon that can be visited by crossing the Bhutan gate. The mesmerizing landscapes, tea gardens, and gorgeous streams of the Torsa Rivers make Jaigaon a worth-visiting place. 

There are several tourist attractions that you must visit in Jaigaon to get the true essence of cultural diversity and Bhutanese traditions. After exploring Jaigaon, you can book a Jaigaon tour operator for Bhutan for discovering the mesmerizing destinations of the Buddhist Kingdom. 

Here are some of the tourist attractions that you must visit while exploring Jaigaon. 

1. Bhutan Gate 

Bhutan Gate is the main area from where you can enter the premises of Bhutan through a permit. It is a perfect epitome of Bhutanese architecture, where the intricate wooden works over the gate will leave you amazed. 

It is also an important trade area, where you can indulge in various things such as garments, mobile accessories, food, and souvenirs. If you enter the Phuentsholing side of the gate then you can see various hotels, bars, food outlets, and a bus terminal.  

2. Phuentsholing 

Phuentsholing also known as the Gateway to Bhutan is a small town that will offer you an abundance of natural beauty and a tranquil ambiance. It is an important commercial center of Bhutan which is diverse with the amalgamation of Indian, Bhutanese, and Nepalese traditions. 

Some of the tourist attractions here that you shouldn’t miss are Phuentsholing Viewpoint, market, Amo Chhu Crocodile Breeding Centre, Zangto Pelri Lhakhang, Karbandi Monastery, and Palden Tashi Chholing Shedra. 

3. Garuchira 

Garuchira is a picturesque village near the Bhutan border which is 56.5 km away from Jaigaon. The Garuchira Village Eco Park is the major attraction here where you can see many herds of wild elephants. 

This is one of the most spectacular Jaigaon tourist places, especially for wildlife lovers. The dense forests of the Terai region, the crystal clear water streams of the Reti and Sukti Rivers, and various adventure activities such as bird-watching, trekking, and angling make it a perfect destination. 

4. Buxa Fort and Tiger Reserve 

Buxa Tiger Reserve is one of the famous protected forest reserves in the Dooars area. It is around 54.7 km away from Jaigaon where you can also visit the Buxa fort, which holds great historical significance from the colonial era. 

While visiting the reserve, you can enjoy a Jeep safari or trek to spot various wildlife animals such as Asian elephants, leopards, pythons, hog deer, and monitor lizards. From this place, you can also explore the beautiful landscapes of Mahakal Cave and Jayanti. 

5. Jaldapara National Park 

Jaldapara National Park is just 23.3 km from Jaigaon and it is a great place to observe ecological and biodiversity preservation. This place is mostly famous for the Indian one Horned Rhinoceros, where you can also spot other animals as well. You can book an elephant or jeep safari for exploring the premises. 

Visiting all these places can become comfortable and hassle-free if you seek the guidance of a Jaigaon tour operator Bhutan. The tour operator will not only arrange all the facilities for your Jaigaon trip but will also take responsibility for the transportation and accommodation for the Bhutan trip. 

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