Uncovering The Cost to Travel in Bhutan

Uncovering The Cost to Travel in Bhutan


Bhutan being an isolated country is well accessible to tourists from other countries. The country adheres to the policy of “High-value Low impact” due to which visiting Bhutan can be expensive. Although there are many Jaigaon travel agencies contacting with who can help you travel to Bhutan at an affordable rate without compromising the quality.

The SDF fee along with higher accommodation charges are the major segments that add up to a major portion of the tourism. However, by following some of the tips and hacks you can save some money making your trip cost-effective while exploring the best from the country. This blog will inform you about the estimated cost of travel to Bhutan along with helpful tips that can help to make your trip cost-effective.

Estimated cost to travel in Bhutan

Spread across 33,394 sq km of land, Bhutan flaunts its beauty with mesmerizing landscapes, diverse culture and rich wildlife making it among the top tourist destinations. On average 5-7 days is considered to be enough for exploring the country which may cost around $1500 to $2000, although this cost may vary based on the way you travel, areas of interest and days of the tour. You may also contact some of the best tour operators in Jaigaon who can help you make your itinerary as per your visiting time and budget. You can also customize your itinerary as per your travelling needs and budget allowing you to explore the country in the best way possible.

Although Bhutan itself is known to be one of the most affordable, its policies are what make it expensive. To promote lower environmental impact and higher tourism value, the government of Bhutan charges a daily visa from its guests which needs to be paid in the form of a Sustainable Development Fee (SDF). Tourists need to pay a sum of $200 as SDF which adds up to a major portion of the tour cost. However, this cost may be less for the Indian citizens as they are required to pay ₹1200 as a part of SDF.

Cost breakdown of the Bhutan tour

An individual needs to pay a sum of $200 as SDF followed by costs incurred in food, transportation, accommodation, shopping, etc which may add up to around $100. So if your tour is planned for a minimum of 5 days, then your estimated tour cost for a day may be around $300 - $350 based on your travelling plans. Therefore the cost for your entire tour should be around $1500 - $1750. The cost breakdown of the tour is for foreign internationals, while for the Indians these may vary as they need to pay SDF of ₹1200.  The overall cost of the tour may also depend on the quality of accommodation, activities and services acquired by you within the country.

Tips for cost-effective Bhutan tour

Despite Bhutan being an expensive destination, you can explore the country in cost-effective ways with the help of proper planning and expert guidance. You may also consider getting help from the local tour operators in Jaigaon, who can help you design your Bhutan trip based on your travelling needs and budget. Following are some of the tips and hacks that you can try out when planning a Bhutan trip to make it cost-effective.

Proper planning

Proper planning is key when it comes to travelling to Bhutan in a cost-effective way. Planning includes finding the right time, exploring the appropriate route and acquiring services that are available at affordable rates. With proper planning, you can explore the best of the country with minimal time while managing your expenses.

Compare accommodation options

After SDF, accommodation is one of the major parts that adds up to the total tour cost. While there are ample numbers of luxury hotels within the country, opting for homestays can help you experience the true culture and relish the authentic dishes. You can also find numerous cheap hotels in the major cities that can offer you quality accommodation facilities at minimal cost.

Choose the right time

Finding the best time to travel to Bhutan can help you save some money. The low season in the month of June – August can be the best option for you, during this time there are fewer tourists available and you can find exciting discounts and deals in the hotels and tour operators in Bhutan. This is also one of the best times to experience the peace and tranquillity of the Himalayan kingdom.

Embrace local cuisine

There are many restaurants that serve continental and international cuisines in the country, however, trying the local cuisine can be an affordable option. Embracing the local cuisine not only helps save some extra bucks but also allows you to experience the true delicacy and unique taste that sets it apart from the rest of the Asian countries.

Use public transports

If you want to save some money when travelling to explore the sightseeing attractions, public transport can be the best option for you. Shared taxis, local transportation modes and hiring a guide with vehicles can be a cost-effective way to explore the wonders of Bhutan while saving some money.

Travelling in Bhutan is costly and that too if acquired best facilities in the country. The cost of the trip highly depends on various factors that may include your way of travelling and the days of your tours. However, connecting with the Jaigaon travel agencies can help you make a proper tour plan fulfilling your travelling needs without making a hole in your wallet.

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