Explore The Exhilarating Adventure Activities In Bhutan

Explore The Exhilarating Adventure Activities In Bhutan


Bhutan also known as the Land of Thunder Dragon is a beautiful Himalayan Kingdom in South Asia. This small country has now become the most famous tour destination among nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and adventure junkies. The fast-flowing rivers, high mountains, unique landscapes, and beautiful valleys make it an ideal destination for adventure tourism. 

If you are planning a thrilling vacation that will be packed with exhilarating adventure sports, then you must visit Bhutan. You can book a car rental service in Bhutan to make your trip to the adventure spots comfortable and safe. The experienced drivers of the car rental will also guide you to get the best experience in Bhutan. 

Let’s discover some of the thrilling adventure activities in Bhutan that you can explore to make your trip memorable. 

1. Archery 

Archery is the national sport of Bhutan and you can participate in this activity during any celebration or festival. Previously, archery contests were held in the villages and districts but now the country also witnesses a major national competition. Indulging in archery with the local people in Bhutan can be a great experience. 

2. Trekking 

Trekking is another major adventure sport in the mountainous country, where you can participate in various levels of hiking and trekking. The famous trekking trails in Bhutan are the Snowman Trek, Jomolhari Trek, and Druk Path Trek. If you’re a beginner, then you can also indulge in a splendid trek to the Tiger’s Nest monastery in Paro.

3. Mountain Biking 

The paved roads in the mountain ranges of Paro and Phobjikha Valley make Bhutan a perfect destination for mountain biking. The various picturesque trails in the country will help you to explore some beautiful villages and towns with exciting descents, steep, and jumps. If you’re not willing to explore the roads of Bhutan on Bike then you can hire a car rental in Paro Bhutan for an exciting road trip. 

4. Rock Climbing 

Rock climbing is an adventure activity that has been gaining popularity in Bhutan recently after the Vertical Bhutan Climbing Club was established. The Nose is the most famous spot for rock climbers in Bhutan, which is situated on the outskirts of Thimphu. In this place, you can find various levels of rock climbing through different routes. 

5. River Rafting

Bhutan also offers great spots for white water rafting in the main two river streams of the country, which are Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu. The rapid streams of the river flowing through the magnificent backdrop of the mountains are truly a mesmerizing experience. Khansum Yulley is the best spot where you can try this stimulating sport. 

6. Paragliding 

Khamset and Ura Valley are the best destinations in Bhutan where you can indulge in an extreme adventure sport, which is paragliding. During this activity, you can get some best bird’s eye views of the rolling mountains, forests, and valleys of Bhutan.

7. Fishing

Fishing in Bhutan enables you to catch various types of tuna and trout from the rivers. You can also indulge in fly fishing, where you can also hire a local guide who will guide you to catch some amazing fish. You can find this adventure sport in Haa, Bumthang, Punakha, and Thimphu.

You must always remember to consider proper safety and security while taking part in adventure sports. Herein, you can ensure safety on the roads by booking a car rental service in Bhutan with all-inclusive facilities and experienced drivers. It is also advisable to understand the guidelines and take a guide with you whenever possible to complete the adventure sport.

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