7 Interesting Activities To Do During Your Bhutan Honeymoon Trip

7 Interesting Activities To Do During Your Bhutan Honeymoon Trip


A honeymoon is a great opportunity for you to enhance your bond with your partner while gaining perspectives and exploring different cultures. Arranging a tranquil honeymoon after marriage also contributes to vanishing the stress caused due to the constant functions and rituals during marriage. 

If you’re struggling to find the best honeymoon destination away from the crowded and hyped places then you must consider discovering the mesmerizing landscapes of Bhutan. You can contact the best Bhutan honeymoon tours package to make your vacation a memorable one. 

Let’s discover the interesting activities that you can do in Bhutan during your honeymoon trip. 

1. Trek to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery 

Tiger’s Nest or Paro Taktsang Monastery is one of the most popular cultural icons in Bhutan. An early morning trek to this monastery is the best activity that you can do with your partner. The entire trek will be filled with tranquillity, vibrant prayer flags, mesmerizing views, and the soothing sound of the prayer wheels. 

2. Click amazing pictures of the suspension bridge 

If you both love clicking pictures to create life-long memories then you must visit the Punakha Suspension Bridge. This ancient bridge gives a breathtaking view of the confluence of two rivers. After exploring this location, you can also discover the charm of the beautifully architected Punakha Dzong.

3. Explore Trongsa Dzong to retrieve Bhutanese history

Couples who love to know the unique culture, history, and heritage of a country must include Trongsa Dzong in the Bhutan couple package. This Dzong is popular for being the ancestral home of the Bhutanese royal family and still you can attain the historical charm here while exploring the fortress.

4. Arrange a camping night to gaze at the starry night 

Bhutan is a dreamy destination for adventure-seeking couples and one of the most remarkable activities that you can do here is camping. Punakha and Lheunste are the best spots to set up tents for a night to cherish the pristine environment, romantic landscapes, and sky filled with sparkling stars. 

5. Dip in the relaxing hot springs 

Bhutan is a popular destination for its hot springs which are also believed to have various healing properties. Dipping in one of these hot springs can be one of the most rejuvenating activities in the land of happiness. Dhur, Gasa, Duenmang, and Chuboog Tshachu are some of the well-known locations for hot springs.

6. Attend the vibrant Bhutanese festivals 

Another recommended activity that you must do with your partner during your honeymoon is to attend the Bhutanese festivals. Bhutan celebrate festivals throughout the year and you can plan your trip around one to enjoy the unique culture and masked dances.

7. Take an adventurous drive to Chele La Pass

Indulging in a drive to Chele La Pass from Paro through dense forest and blooming rhododendrons is another breathtaking activity to do in Bhutan. You can also hike through the surrounding forest here to discover the rich flora and fauna while capturing some of the most magical views. 

Bhutan is regarded as the best honeymoon destination in South Asia due to its lush green valleys, snow-capped mountains, rich culture, and adventure sports. You must book a budget-friendly Bhutan honeymoon tours package from a well-known travel agency to make the best honeymoon reminiscences. 

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