Zuluk Sightseeing

The zig-zag hilly paths of Zuluk, leaves tourists amazed. There is an immaculate and extraordinary sanctuary named Nag Temple which is devoted to Nag Devta (Snake God). 


Major attractions of Zuluk are:

Aritar Lake
Tranquil, emerald-green lake with boat rentals, encircled by mystic pine forest.
Nathang valley
Nathang is called Ladakh of East Sikkim. Nathang valley is privately known as Gnathang Valley is arranged at an elevation of 12,700 feet above sea level.The valley is beautiful during the months of January to April, when its fully covered with snow.
Qukhola waterfalls
A stunning waterfall with chilled water and soothing environment.
Thambi View Point
Excellent place to eyewitness a beautiful view of Khanchendzunga during sunrise. The silk route looks amazing from this point.
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